Skin Tumors

Although similar to other types of skin cancer, skin tumors around the eyes, also known as periocular skin tumors, require the experience and expertise of a qualified oculofacial surgeon. The delicate structures of the eyes and eye area must be protected during treatment to ensure that not only is the skin tumor treated, but that your vision is protected, as well.

Am I a Candidate for Skin Tumor Treatment?

Whether you have been diagnosed with a skin tumor or are concerned with a growth in your eye area, you should seek treatment for your skin tumor. Periocular skin tumors, such as basal cell and squamous cell, are locally invasive, and while these types of cancer rarely spread, they can easily damage your eye structure. More aggressive skin tumors, such as melanomas and sebaceous gland carcinomas, can spread to other parts of your body and may be fatal.

What Is the Treatment for Skin Tumors?

Treatment for periocular skin tumors is based upon the type, location, and extent of the tumor. In most cases, Dr. Hormozi recommends surgical removal of the skin tumor, and if necessary, reconstruction is performed in the area where the skin tumor is removed.

What Is the Recovery After Treatment?

Recovery after treatment for skin tumors depends on the type of treatment that you receive. Dr. Hormozi discusses your recovery and post-operative care during the FREE private consultation appointment.

How Much Does Skin Tumor Treatment Cost?

Treatment costs for skin tumors vary by patient, depending on the types of treatments that are recommended by Dr. Hormozi. Your insurance company may cover the costs of treatment for your skin tumors. For cosmetic cases we offer FREE private consultations.

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