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Asian Eyelid Crease Formation

Many people of Asian descent do not have complete eyelid creases, but surgery to create a crease is not always a cosmetic decision. The crease of your eyelid affects the functioning of your eye, so Asian eyelid crease formation can actually be an option to reduce the sense of heaviness and fatigue in your eyelids. The procedure can also improve the position of your eyelashes, as excess skin and fat may cause your lashes to point downward and possibly irritate your eye.

Am I a Candidate for Asian Eyelid Crease Formation?

During your consultation, Dr. Hormozi takes several factors into consideration before recommending Asian eyelid crease formation, such as eyelid fullness, eye anatomy, and muscle structure and function. The best way to find out if Asian eyelid crease formation is right for you is to call our office to schedule a FREE private consultation with Dr. Hormozi.

What Is the Procedure for Asian Eyelid Crease Formation?

The procedure for Asian eyelid crease formation is similar to other eyelid surgeries. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Hormozi determines the best position for the eyelid crease, as the goal of the surgery is not to “Westernize” your eyes, but to give you a natural eyelid crease that reflects your Asian descent. Small amounts of fat are removed from your eyelid to allow for the function of the crease.

What Is the Recovery After Asian Eyelid Crease Formation?

Like other eyelid surgeries, recovery from Asian eyelid crease formation is short with only minimal discomfort. You can return to your normal activities within a few days after the surgery.

How Much Does Asian Eyelid Crease Formation Cost?

Costs for Asian eyelid crease formation vary by patient, depending on the types of treatments that are recommended by Dr. Hormozi. We offer FREE private consultations.

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