One of the latest and most effective noninvasive facial rejuvenation is using a Micro-needling device that promotes collagen formation and skin tightening without downtime and without surgery.

This procedure takes about 45 minutes and slight redness of the skin is expected following the procedure, lasting between two hours to a day. The skin is numbed with a topical cream, and after about 15 minutes the procedure is performed. Dr. Hormozi uses a collagen promoting serum at the time of the procedure to maximize the effect of the micro-needling.  Patients can wear make up to cover the slight redness without any problem.

When micro needling is combined with radio frequency treatment, it potentiates the collagen production and elastic reproduction giving it faster and more effective result. For six months following this procedure the collagen continue to increase and the skin tightening and skin rejuvenation is potentiated. Micro needling can also be used to reduce new or old scars by reducing the thickness of the scar and by softening the scar tissue. This procedure can also be combined with platelet rich plasma ( PRP) obtained from patient’s blood. For more information and for a no charge consult, please contact us by email or call our office at (410) 825-4022.