Dr. Hormozi offers the La Roche-Posay/BioMedic MicroPeel and SkinCeuticals to improve your skin. MicroPeel® works by removing a thin layer of skin that contains clogged pores through a process of dermaplaning, alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid peel, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin. Your skin feels smoother and looks more radiant after just one treatment.

Am I a Candidate for MicroPeel®?

The BioMedic MicroPeel® is a safe and effective treatment that is customized to your skin type. During your FREE private consultation, Dr. Hormozi evaluates the needs of your skin and determines the best treatment plan to meet your cosmetic needs.

What Is the Procedure for MicroPeel®?

The BioMedic MicroPeel® is a three-step treatment that is performed in our office. First, your skin is manually degreased with a BioMedic cleansing product. Next, lactic, alfa hydroxyl acid or glycolic acid or a combination of these is used for chemical exfoliation. You may experience a slight and temporary tingling sensation during this phase of the MicroPeel®. A neutralizing solution is applied, and any debris that remains in your pores is removed.

What Is the Recovery After MicroPeel®?

Patients can proceed with their normal routine after the treatment. Patients are also able to apply makeup as soon as the treatment is over because there is no downtime associated with BioMedic MicroPeel®. Dr. Hormozi may recommend that you use only mild cleansers, moisturizers, and sun protection for at least 72 hours after treatment. You should avoid sun exposure for approximately two weeks after your MicroPeel®. As your skin heals, you may have some peeling for up to one week.

In addition to your MicroPeel®, you may want to consider the SkinCeuticals® line of skin care products offered by Dr. Hormozi. These products provide the highest quality skin care that is supported by science. Most of the products are serum based with natural fruit and plant extracts to improve skin penetration and natural rejuvenation of the skin.

How Much Does a MicroPeel® Cost?

The costs for MicroPeel® vary by patient, depending on the extent of treatments that are recommended by Dr. Hormozi. We offer FREE private consultations, and you may pay for your treatments by cash or check.

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