Eyelid Surgery


Do you think that the excess skin and fat on your upper eyelids is making you look older? With eyelid surgery from Dr. Hormozi, a qualified oculofacial surgeon, you can reduce many of the signs of aging, such as puffiness, heavy eyelids, wrinkles, and creases. Dr. Hormozi may recommend surgery on your upper, lower, or both eyelids.

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How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost in Baltimore and Towson?

Eyelid surgery costs vary by patient, depending on the types of treatments that are recommended by Dr. Hormozi. In some cases your insurance might cover the cost.  For cosmetic cases we offer FREE private consultations.


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Dr. Darab Hormozi is a leading plastic surgeon who specializes in oculofacial surgery, mainly blepharoplasty, eyelid malpositions, eyelid cancer treatmentfacelift and stem cell facial rejuvenation in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Hormozi performs both cosmetic and medical procedures, with a clinical focus on oculoplastic surgery and facial rejuvenation.


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