Vascular Reduction


What Is Vascular Reduction?

Why suffer needlessly with unsightly veins on the face and legs? The laser will diminish the appearance of existing veins. Eliminating veins is quick and effective for most individuals, working best on smaller veins. Vascular reduction will reestablish that smooth, fresh look of you skin that will have you feeling young again in no time.

How It Works?

The Spectrum Long Pulsed Yag laser penetrates through the skin and is readily absorbed by veins and vascular lesions and converted to heat energy. Immediately after treatment, the vein walls collapse and seal shut. Over time, the vessel is re-absorbed by the body and disappears or reduces. The Spectrum Long Pulsed Yag removes unsightly facial veins and small vascular lesions from any area of the body. Treatments can be performed quickly and without bruising.

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