Eye Infections and Inflammation

Eye infections and inflammation are caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, and environmental pollutants. These conditions may affect different parts of your eyes, and you may develop infections and inflammation in one or both eyes. The two most common types of eye infections are conjunctivitis, also known as “pinkeye”, and a stye.

Am I a Candidate for Eye Infections and Inflammation Treatment?

Eye infections and inflammation may be signs of a more complex problem with your eyes, and these conditions may also lead to more significant eye problems if left untreated. If you have redness, itching, swelling, discharge, discomfort, vision problems, or any other issues with your eyes, call our office today to schedule a FREE private consultation with Dr. Hormozi. 

What Is the Treatment for Eye Infections and Inflammation?

Treatment depends on the cause of your eye infections and inflammation. Compresses, eye drops, ointments, and antibiotics are some of the most common treatments.

What Is the Recovery After Treatment?

The most important part of your recovery for eye infections and inflammation is to protect your eyes from bacteria, irritants, and viruses that may worsen the condition or introduce a new infection. Never share your eye drops, avoid rubbing your eyes, and always wash your hands prior to applying makeup or inserting your contact lenses.

How Much Does Eye Infections and Inflammation Treatment Cost?

Treatment costs for eye infections and inflammation vary by patient, depending on the types of treatments that are recommended by Dr. Hormozi. Your insurance company may cover the cost of treatment for your eye infections and inflammation. For cosmetic cases we offer FREE private consultations.

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