The beauty of young skin appeals to many people, but over time, your skin loses its ability to maintain volume. As lines and wrinkles appear, you begin to feel older and less attractive. The Radiage® system gives you back the firmness and tone of youthful skin.

Am I a Candidate for Radiage® Treatments?

Radiage® is an effective Radiofrequency (RF) treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. While these treatments are safe and effective for most skin types, the best way to find out if Radiage® is right for you is to schedule a FREE private consultation with Dr. Hormozi.

What Is the Procedure for Radiage® Treatments?

The Radiage® system uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate your skin’s collagen and eliminate the signs of aging. A special gel is applied to your skin and Dr. Hormozi uses a handpiece to gently apply the radiofrequency energy to your skin. The procedure is painless and soothing.

What Is the Recovery After a Radiage® Treatment?

You see immediate results after your first treatment, and your skin continues to improve over the next six months. Some patients experience mild redness and minimal swelling for up to two days after treatment. To prolong the results of your Radiage® treatment, you should always wear sunscreen while outdoors.

How Much Does Radiage® Cost in Baltimore and Towson?

Radiage® costs vary by patient, depending on the extent and number of treatments that are recommended by Dr. Hormozi. We offer FREE private consultationsand you may pay for your treatments by cash or check.

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