Platelet-Rich Plasma Rejuvination



PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma is a powerful segment of the blood, capable of rejuvenating damaged skin and preventing hair loss. A small sample of the patients own blood is drawn, processed, segmented and injected into the area where treatment is desired. In this example the patient came to Dr. Hormozi 6 months after surgery for trigger finger. PRP has various uses but is seen mostly in treatment of a scar


This index finger had been healing for 6 months following surgery to repair trigger finger. Even after an 11 day follow up for the prp injection, the finger looked remarkably different.


PRP has been shown to help weak, receding hair to grow, while healing and strengthening the skin near the injection site.


This young woman saw quick results in her hairline and the strength of the tissue surrounding injections.



A similar transformation can be expected on all areas containing weak, skin or falling hair. 

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