S-Lift and Modified S-Lift

These procedures are the perfect cosmetic solution for patients who want the benefits of a traditional facelift without the extensive surgery and recovery. These facelifts helps tighten and lift your lower face, including your jaw line. For optimum results, Dr. Hormozi may recommend other procedures in conjunction with these lifts.

Am I a Candidate for these Lifts?

These facelifts help to reverse the signs of aging by restoring the tone and definition of your jaw line and lower face. The procedure is also an excellent choice if you want to minimize the recovery and downtime associated with cosmetic surgery or want to avoid the use of general anesthesia.

What Is the Procedure for these lifts?

For most patient local anesthesia is adequate for the procedure.“S”-shaped or modified “S”-shaped incisions are made along the natural crease in front of your ear. Dr. Hormozi then repositions, elevates, and tightens the deeper tissues. When he is satisfied with the results, he closes the incisions and applies a bandage to the area.

What Is the Recovery After the Modified S-Lift?

Bandages are typically removed the day after your surgery, and the sutures are removed ten days later. Your post-surgical symptoms may include mild discomfort, swelling, bruising, and tingling. The discomfort is generally well managed with over-the-counter medications. Dr. Hormozi may also give you a special facial garment to minimize the swelling.

How Much Does The Modified S-Lift Cost in Baltimore and Towson?

The cost may vary by patient, depending on the extent of treatments that are recommended by Dr. Hormozi. We offer FREE private consultationsand you may pay for your treatments by cash or check.

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